Car Show Judging Criteria


Below is a guide for you to use in prepping your car for the show. Whether you are in a Stock or Modified class, these are the things the judges are looking for: Most importantly, clean every bit of the car, and wax, polish, prepare, vacuum, etc., so it best represents you and your car. This list is not all of the things the judges may consider, but it should guide you in your efforts.

There are two modification levels for each class for this year’s show. Please select the level that best represents your car:

STOCK – Fresh from the factory with minor bolt-ons:
Aftermarket Wheels, Aftermarket Suspension… (UP TO 4 UPGRADES) *NOTE only minor work done! Our Judges have the right to place you in the proper category.

MODIFIED – For more advanced work performed:
General Bolt-ons, Coilovers, Exhausts, Intakes, Body styling, Interior, Motor Swaps, Dash Swaps, Air Suspensions, Aftermarket Supercharger, Aftermarket Turbocharger,… (5 UPGRADES & MORE) *NOTE minor & major work done!

Exterior Quality – 20 points

Is the finish just shiny or deep and lustrous? Is the paint smooth or orange peeled? Any overspray, runs, ripples, etc? Dents? Chips? All panels aligned? Any doors sagging? Bumpers on straight? Glass squeaky clean? All cars should have a perfect cleaning and waxing.

Interior Quality – 20 points

Is everything in good condition or truly excellent? Are the seats perfect and clean or ripped and dirty? Is the headliner intact and tight or dropping and baggy? Are the carpets clean and new looking or dirty and worn? Are the sun visors in good shape? Door panels? Every piece of the interior should be perfectly clean and prepared; there should be not dirt under the floor mats or junk under seats. Look at the trunk or hatch. It should be prepared to the same state as the interior.

Suspension Quality – 20 points

What extent of suspension modification? Does everything look neat and well put together? Is the quality of the workmanship good or great?  Are there special features that deserve points ie. Sway bars, braces, tower bars? Does the car have air ride (modified/top Dawg) and level of quality/display of the install?

Engine Bay Quality – 20 points

Does everything look neat and well put together? Is the quality of the workmanship good or great?  Are there special features that deserve points? Are the systems securely mounted? Are there any fluid leaks? Is the engine compartment perfectly clean and detailed with custom workmanship?

Wheels & Tires Quality – 20 points

Do the wheels & tires look like they are in good shape? Are the wheels clean from brake dust? Custom wheels and or extras ie. Valve stems, center caps, wheel studs, locks and or nuts?


Audi Video – 20 points

Has the head unit been upgraded? Are there touch screens installed in the car? Have all the speakers been upgraded? Component sets and subwoofers? Everything finished well with custom enclosures? Wires hidden or tucked neatly?

Accessories / Modifications – 20 points

Have modifications, such as gauges or aftermarket seats, been hacked in, or are the professional looking? What is the quality of the bodywork and paint? If the bodywork has been altered, has it been done well? Are bodykit seams smooth and straight?

Overall Concept – 10 points

This is a subjective category that needs some thought. The point here is the total quality of the car in all of the categories above, and how well everything fits together. A million dollar paint job with poor fitment of accessories will not score high. Full engine work with a ratty setup or poor attention to detail will loose you points. What we are looking for is a well balanced vehicle that reflects all aspects of a perfect show quality car, a car which needs no apologies or excuses for anything that is noticeably out of place or damaged! All modifications must be done correctly and equally balanced. Please note any damage caused by modifications will result in loss of points.

Originality and a keen eye for detail  is key for the modified classes.